God is in the recycling business– He takes what others call trash and brings forth treasure! He is NOT DONE WITH YOU, no matter what anyone says!!

1 John 2:16 tells us that everything in this world of sin is wrapped up in 3 things. Lust of the flesh... what we feel. Lust of the eyes... what we see. Pride of life... what we have or what we accomplish. Often we base our relationship with the Lord from a worldly (flesh) perspective. How I feel. What I see. What I have. He is good in every season. Can your Spirit believe it, when your flesh can’t feel it? Often we place such an emphasis on things that will pass away but this word promises that if we do HIS will, regardless if we feel it or not, we will remain forever with Him. I’m thankful for His tangible blessings. I am believing for more of them, but this isn’t why I worship Him. I remain in this posture because I know me outside of Him. I don’t like that person. But IN HIM... I live and have my being! #iamawitness #remain #abide #fruitinseason #worship