This was written by a friend of mine. An up and coming writer, poet, man of artistic expression. If you like it, let him no you do. This is powerful... I believe that God listens to my heart beat on his AirPods... or maybe he wears Beats? I know that In him I find Rest, as if the palms of his hands where dressed with 10,000 count sheets. Angel feathers fluff my pillows. He comforts me when I’m come to him weeping like willows. His love for me unconditional, his mercy billows, Like a massive cloud raining down & watering me... the tree with hidden roots. Sprouted from the seed of a forbidden fruit. None the less saved by Gods grace and his incorruptible truth. So I stand tall and shall not fall, despite my nature. True to my identity in Christ A Sequoia tree amongst tumbleweeds. ~Rio~

There must be a battle before there can be a victory.