Well, here it is. The time has come. All the preparations, planning, training, research, purchases, fundraisers, interviews, and prayers are now to be put into full affect. This has been a long ride the last almost 18 months. My life has completely changed. A total FLIP FLOP if you would. To think just 18 months ago i was living without God, stuck in a life that completely revolved around my addiction, cared only about myself, and was just wasting my life away. I was living without a purpose…

I am glad to say that I am clean and sober because I changed. I was tired of failures, I was tired of the pain I was drowning inside, I was tired of always letting others down, I was tired of having no direction.

I accepted/rededicated my life to my Lord and Savior December 4th 2015. Since then he has taken over and changed everything about me. I love the new me. I love how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I have a purpose, I have direction, I HAVE JESUS CHRIST LEADING MY LIFE!!!

So I am being obedient and walking out the door tomorrow a new man. I am a transformed child of GOD. I am walking and will continue to walk until the Lord tells me to stop. I am walking for all to see that they to can have the peace and purpose in life that will lead guide and direct every step. I am walking to bring the message of HOPE to those that need it most. I am walking for Awareness. I am walking for My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I invite all of you to walk with me on this epic journey as we reach out together and encourage others to find their peace, find their sobriety, and find their purpose through Jesus Christ…

See you on the TRAIL!!!

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