Today was the first day of the Journey. Filled with excitement since the minute I woke up this morning at 3:30am. I had to get ready myself because NBC WJHG News Channel 7 was gonna be there at 4:30 to start setting up for their 2 hour live broadcast. Also, Cristie Gardner, a professional photographer was setting up early as well to photo document the entire mornings festivities.

It was AWESOME!!! There was a ton of support. The entire staff showed up. The Big Jim’s Walk board of directors were there, My Church Fresh Start was there, My pastor was there, my friends were there and my girl Madi was there… INCREDIBLE… Alex Peters Mom, now my momma, surprised me and showed up early and was here to support me…

I took off out the door at exactly 7am. I came around the corner and it seemed to me there was people lined up down the streets. Cameras everywhere. People cheering and clapping and screaming out well wishes. It was absolutely amazing.

I got about a mile down the road and people were pulling off the side of the road to hug my neck and show their support. But, finally, I couldn’t contain the emotions anymore. I broke down praising Jesus for how He has changed my life and thanking Him for this burden that I will forever carry. I am now officially employed by CHRIST!!! couldn’t stop the tears. The flood gates were opened. Ther cleansing for the first day had begun. Reality now sets in… I have 4,000 miles to go…

I am later stopped once again by a total stranger showing me support and love. We spoke about the journey, what it meant to me, and the Million Man Army. Then, we started praising Jesus right there on the side of the road. God was surely there.

I take my first brake 7 miles in at a park along the Intercostal water way. One Hour. I chow down on some trail mix and put back 2 liters of water before heading back out. The second 7 miles was difficult. My legs were hurting. My feet were hurting. I was questioning if I had it in me to do the full 20 miles today. I ran out of sidewalk and was now walking in the bike lane 3 feet away from semi trucks screaming by me with full loads of fresh cut lumber. That was a bit unnerving. I found a spot to rest. I just wanted to pass out. I was so tired. I got a 20 min catnap in. It was a beautiful day so I took off my shirt and soaked up the sun. When my one hour brake was over, I got up and prayed over my backpack before I put it on. I was truly worried about making the full 20 miles the first day. When I put on my pack it felt so much lighter. GOD made it lighter. The last 7 miles of the trip went great, there was absolutly no pain. Amen!!!

I reach my destination 7 minutes late. There to meet me was Madi and Pastor Larry. Kingdom Life Ministries. WOW!!! They were so supporting and loving… The entire church family went above and beyond to see that me and Madi were taken care of. We prayed in the food at 7pm and ate HOME MADE CHILLI… Awesome stuff. Then they kicked up and awesome fire out in the firepit area where I gave my testimony and spoke on the importance of Big Jims Walk Foundation and what we Hope to do together as one voice in the name of Jesus.

Kingdom Life Ministries is a wonderful loving church and I believe we have 30 new members signing up in the Million Man Army tonight. God is moving in this church. There is so much Love here. I am so so blessed to be invited out here and for them adopting me tonight… Thank you Pastors Larry and Becky, Charlie and Stacy Moon, and the entire Kingdom Life Ministries Church Family… You guys ROCK!!!

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