Today was a long and painful day. There is a lot of kinks being worked out as I go down the road. One of them is weight… I am going to be cutting weight as i see fit real quick. Weight is a killer… but we will get into that in just a bit. All Glory To God I made another 17.4 miles today. I have exactly 11 miles to do tomorrow.

This morning I was LAZY and got a late start. A lesson learned. Late start combined with the unknown difficulties and bumps in the road equals kicking your butt all day. I was lazy because I was up at 3:30, 4:30, 5:30 and wasn’t sleeping well. Just like now. 2 hour power nap and I’m up. After getting everything together I said my goodbyes to Madi and down the road I went. Wasn’t sore at all. I was actually feeling pretty good. My pack felt light and comfortable. That didnt last long…

When I walk it is my time with God. For some reason I can connect with Him and have some awesome conversation. Thats when my connection with Him is clearest. Once again He assured me that everything was going according to His plan and for me not to worry about things. Amen.

There was a lot of love shown to me today. Amazing love. People were pulling off the side of the road to talk to me and encourage me. The one that stood out to me was a young military man named Justin. Built up like a brick house I mean this dude was solid. He pulled off the road and wanted to tell me that I was inspirational and wanted to take a picture with me that his wife would totally get a kick out of this. He wanted a pic with me? No, I wanted a pic with him. He is the hero. In the military serving his country willing to put his life on the line… That’s a hero. We talked for a short bit ans parted ways with a honk and a wave.

Another was Joan who came up to me at my first rest stop at a country store in Greenhead Florida, smiling talking real loud saying I was like where’s Waldo. She said she had balloons and a sign made up ready to go but I walked to fast and was passed where she lived in no time. Joan had to find me because she had a message from God to give to me. I received the message but as well was able to hear her testimony about her addiction to food. she weighs now 158 pounds but at one point weighed over 400 pounds. She had gone through therapy and resorted to gastric bypass surgery. Nothing worked until she found the strength in Jesus. I recorded her testimony and shared it on my Facebook page,

There were many many others that pulled off the road offering me a cold drink and encouraging me and praying for me. I was also blessed many times financially which bought my drinks and large pizza for dinner tonight in Wausau Florida.

I have an amazing support team that I was not expected to have. Madi is on the road in front of me lining up speaking engagements, as well as contacting media outlets and other various community groups and as well as law enforcement. Charlie is back at home calling ahead lining me up places to stay with churches and as well making the contacts with media outlets and so on and so forth. You get the picture. My church family at Fresh Start are praying for me constantly and my Pastor Mathew Mitchell is constantly checking up on me. I am doing what I was told by God, WALK. He said He would handle everything else. And He has abundantly so. I never asked for any of this. I was just doing what I was told to do.

Here’s the GOOD STUFF. Big Jim’s Walk is working. Already, we have touched a heart to change their ways. Because of this walk, they were inspired to reach out for help, acknowledge they had a problem, and wants to rededicate their life to the LORD, get back in church, and start living the good life. This is just on the second day. I am blessed to be a part of this journey and can only see amazing miraculous things to come as I walk everyday…

Thankyou Lord for choosing me to be your vessel in all this… AMEN!!!

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