Well, I slept last night but not good. I didn’t use my rain fly and a massive fog bank come in while I was sleeping and basically slowly drenched everything. So, I had to spread everything out this morning and let nature do its thing. I truly believe that was just another way of Jesus telling me to slow down and enjoy myself. I didn’t get packed up and on the road until 10:38am. But, I had a ton of supporters and well wishers come by and visit with me, talk about the walk, offer gifts and blessings.

Joan came by to see me off and brought me Tylenol, Orange juice, and a cross that was made at Teen Challenge and was prayed over for my safety and protection. Another younger couple came by to talk about the walk and take pics. I have a new rule about taking pics with me, I get to take pics with you so be prepared for me to take out my camera and take a pic with you. Another mother daughter duo came by and wished me safe travels with an awesome financial blessing. It was crazy this morning, and I lov ed every minute of it.

On down the road a mini van pulled over and a family got out. The one young lady said she has been clean for 2 and a half years and considers me her inspiration. We talked about a family member who is struggling BAD with alcohol. They needed resource information for free recovery. I immediately hooked them up with the panama city rescue mission. We locked up and prayed together all 4 of us right on the side of the road. It was beautiful. Then, right when were finishing up with prayer another vehicle pulled up and we talked for a while. She was very sweet and very kind and was so happy to get to talk to me. We took pictures and gave each other encouragements and then went on down the road.

As I was coming into Chipley a young 29 year old named Jed pulled over and he gave me his testimony. He went into town ahead of me and bought us lunch and brought it back where we sat and ate together. He is in the struggle with only a week clean under his belt. A very powerful testimony on how His addiction took everything away from him including his freedom.

I finally made it to where I was staying in downtown Chipley. The Baptist Association donated a one bedroom apartment for the weekend if i needed it. Ms Mary and her husband Barry were so kind and sweet. Great people.

This is has been a great day of 13 miles

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  1. Flowersfamily says:

    God is Good!! Keep on Rockin it!!! We love you Big Jim!!!

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