This has been an incredible day. I hit it early this morning and was out the door and walking thru downtown Chipley at 6:30 this morning. Immediately with the book of James audio bible in my ears. That is my promise to myself while I walk this journey. I am going to listen to the book of James or read the book of James every day while i’m on the trail. That includes the road hike. I want to know the book of James as I have been told by more than one person that it is considered one of the strongest books in the bible.

I have to say I really enjoy walking early in the morning. For some reason I find it much easier to have conversation with the BIG MAN ABOVE. I feel our connection is much closer and cleaner if you can understand that. Less distraction.

Chipley has an old community feel to it. But, there are a lot of properties that are ready to be pushed over and looks as if they would collapse any second. Maybe that is what gives it that old feel to it. The people are kind and everyone I spoke to were receptive to what Big Jim’s Walk was all about. I stayed at the Armstrong House run by the Baptist Association. The property managers was a husband and wife team of Ms Mary and Mr. Barry.These people were so kind and sweet.

As I walked out of town I was enjoying how the scenery was changing into a more country atmosphere. Not just because it was outside of town but because I got to hang out with some horses for a while. I truly did not know how much I missed livestock. The horse was almost healing to me. It was really cool. The man across the street came out with a bag of homemade beef jerky and Summer sausage. The jerky could have used a little more flavor but it was good. Now, the summer sausage is an entirely different story. Man was that stuff good.

I got to my landing spot for the day. I did 12 miles by noon with a 1 hour break. I was moving. I can feel my legs getting stronger. They still hurt every day but they are getting stronger. I was sore but I wasn’t tired. I could have pumped out 20 without a problem. I met Ms. Mary the manager at the Graceville Inn. I told her my testimony and we spoke about the foundation and the Million Man Army (MMA), She donated right away and was very encouraging.

The Graceville Inn is nothing but AMAZING!!! This is a little hideaway. The rooms are small and cozy and done all antiquish. The place is spotless and you can tell there is a lot of love that has gone into this place. But what is best about Graceville is the people. A Ms. Maxine, MAX, called me after checking out my story and asked me to come speak at her church tomorrow. She said addiction is running wild in their community and is affecting many families within the church. Of course I agreed. Then, as well, I was contacted by a Pastor Raymond O’Quinn who does a tremendous amount of charitable work in this community. He and his beautiful wife of many years Ms. Barbie, took me out to dinner to hear for themselves my testimony. We went out to MARGARITAS, a Mexican restaurant that was pretty good. We talked for over an hour and then the Pastor invited me to speak at his church tomorrow night. Of course I agreed.

God is so good. I really needed a rest to recoop just a little. He knows exactly what I needed. He made it possible to speak to not one but two congregations tomorrow. The message is getting out and people are reacting. They are ready to do something about it and draw that line in the sand and kick addiction right in the brotherhood if you know what I mean. AMEN!!!

I am so thankful…

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