Hello my name is Christopher Lee Falck and I am an addict in long term recovery and what that means to me is; I have been chemically clean &/or sober from “any” mood altering Drugs &/or Alcohol for almost 4 years now. In my search to find myself; how &/or why my brain acts the way it does & does the things it does, I was given a gift from God himself. “Constant conscious contact” and realization with God has helped me to find Values to help others. I have been able to stay sober for almost 4 years Now…. Only by giving my willingness to God! In return, God took my cravings away so I can have a sound Mind, Body, & Soul.

I am a full-time student working towards a Master’s Degree at Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul, Minnesota while working as a Peer Recovery Specialist for Minnesota Recovery Connections while I slowly change out of my 4th generation Construction Specialty Trades of the Bricklayers Union into my plan “B” new career choice. I took up a hobby of manipulating sobriety medallions into All Recovery Rings and I recently added a Certified Prevention Professional along the way so that “Everyday is Recovery”.

I practice anonymity to its fullest meaning yet separate it from being Anonymous. I don’t want to be anonymous! I want to show my face and you to hear my voice! I am One of 24 Million people in Recovery and now that we are finally raising Awareness, and reducing STIGMA, we need to move on to “how can we Prevent this deadly disease of addiction?” I was Sick! God made me Well! Now there is Work to do!

Create a Grateful Day!